Age: 33

Ramses is a Software Engineer with over 12 years of experience in analysis, design, planning and development of object oriented software. Highly skilled in design patterns, test driven development, continuous integration, concepts of entity/relationship for data persistence, concepts of object-relational mapping and web-services. Because of his knowledge, experience and versatility, he is usually assigned to lead teams and to architect solutions considered critical and/or of a high level of complexity.

Developed and integrated several projects for customers around the world, interacting with many cultures in the countries he has worked. Due to his good communication skills, rapport and international experience, he easily interacts with his team as well as the work environment.

Comfortable with the current development best practices, as well as the software project management methodologies, such as the procedures established by the Project Management Institute, based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge, and the models implemented by Agile Software Development Framework and its extensions, Scrum and eXtreme Programming.

His experience with Linux and Windows servers, grid and cloud computing, relational database management systems, application servers and load balancing, has allowed him to design and implement infrastructures using the most modern technology concepts to meet the highest demands requirements. Has been deploying projects "in the cloud" since 2007 using Amazon EC2 from Amazon Web Services, acquiring a great experience with cloud computing.