Old Forge, PA

Age: 41

I got my start in technology seemingly ages ago, when 8086 and 8088 machines were top-of-the line. I fixed them mostly at that time. Then, I had the urge to run a BBS. Of course, I had to be a rogue SysOp and run WWIV, which I guess at the time was considered "underground." Later, when the Internet killed BBS's for the most part, I started tinkering with HTML, running a Web site for the bowling team I was the president of at Penn State. Once I graduated, I worked for a plastics company, helping out with provisioning PCs, installing network cabling, and creating Web pages in a little-known scripting language called iHTML. That helped me transition into ASP/VB6 programming and eventually .NET and C#, which is where I try to focus most of my time. I've been with big and small companies in several different industries (ISPs, manufacturing, SaaS, healthcare, to name a few).

I've become a big advocate for semantic HTML and a standards-based Web. Distributed version control (Mercurial & Git) is an important part of my development lifecycle. I am an advocate for following SOLID OOD principles and try to mentor those around me on their importance.