I'm developing websites and especially love back ends. I do not limit myself only to web development and also has experience with creation of Java (Android), C/C++ and Dart applications. I like the idea of open source products and, where possible, try to make a contribution.

My immersion into the world of software development began thanks to my mother and school teacher of Computer science. Mom has bought my first PC and tried hard, so I used it for learning. My teacher offered me to study software development more extensively and I began to learn Pascal.

Some new technologies and interesting tasks spurred me to spend weeks and months in front of PC's screen by their learning and implementation: web interface for local chat (CommFort); SVG, animations and transformation (jSlider); WebGL, three.js and own collision detection for camera (Saltmine 3D); NFC and Android (NFC Unlocker); reading Credit Card magnet stripe on JS side (WellnessLiving); Arduino + motion sensor; home server using Proxmox, ownCloud, Samba and nginx; home video surveillance with analog camera and motion for Linux; Dart (different projects on Bitbucket and GitHub).