Ziyan Junaideen

Sri Lanka


Age: 27

I am Ziyan ( "you could call me Deen, b'caz every body else does" ), a hobbyist programmer and a computer engineer in profession. I get my hands dirty with natural language processing and making translators, but my real fun comes building web applications and desktop tools with what ever the language that is appropriate. Coding is my hobby and one of my primary incomes... What else would you like to ask from god for?

I find my self very comfortable with C#, Java, Ruby, JavaScript/Node and PHP. I personally prefer to build web applications, but am clearly not opposed to other type of application development. I am in fact researching to build my first drone, interesting in Law and also to follow medicine one day.

At the moment I am heavily engaged with some projects with some cool guys from UK over oDesk that every project seems to have some thing completely new to learn.

I love getting my hands dirty. Have some interesting plans for the future to build some cool free ( as usual conditions apply ) platforms that can make a difference. Just wish to have spouse to back me up.