Age: 26

I am a software Engineer. I am looking for job in research and development work I am sharing my little experience with you. for example when i got into some problem. i try to find the best way to move out of it. I never try to repeat same task again and again. I always try to develop reusable component. for example As i am working as .net Developer in a company. I am told to put validation on some website, for that i have develop my own validation library and i always use that. I finish that work in minimum as possible time. Before some days ago My system was infected by a virus that has made so many copies of it self into whole system directories with different names. It was difficult for me to find each virus code file. I was not having so much money that i can purchase a antivirus to delete those files. then i made a simple application, that was able to detect each file from whole system directory. You can't believe, that application has worked as i aspected to work it. And i was able to remove virus's from my system. and there are so many point on i have worked on amazing way. but the problem is I can not keep all those thing in my mind for a longor period. When i finished one task my mind automatically move to other problem to find solution. one day i was told to put modal pop in some website. but i was using a popup library that was not working properly. then i create my own popup library that is working properly and i always use my own popup. I always search on goole to find the things I thought how google search the specified things I started working on it. I was amazing that i created my own little search engine. I am working in Software development company, and i am not having to much time do develop it further right now. I have so many things to do. I am not rich man, because of that i leave my most of work unfinished(my own work) my projects are incomplete. I promish i will share my all projects with you. if you find that work is really good please work on them. Give me some problem i will find out solution for that.I will only tell you the idea, you your self have to work on your problem just i can help you. you know i have only hours to work for myself.

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