Pascal Bourque

Montreal, Canada

Age: 41

I have been passionate about programming since I was 11, always craving to learn new skills. Badgering my dad for months to buy the TI Extended BASIC cartridge for my TI-99/4A was the beginning of a long and addictive foray into computers, programming, and all-around geekiness.

I am a fast learner, not afraid of jumping mind wide open into any unknown language, framework or OS and ingest every bit of information there is. To me, knowing how is not enough: I need to understand why. This gives me great insight into the languages and frameworks I choose to use.

I am perfectionist by nature and take pride in work well done. I also like to ship products, which puts me in the pragmatic subspecies of perfectionists.

As a team leader, I believe that fluid communication is the basis of any functional team and project. I deeply care that every team member is on the same page and knows what part they are playing in the project. I also strongly believe that mutual respect is essential for a team to be strong.

I am still passionate about my craft after doing it professionally for 18 years, and I don't see an end to that enthusiasm as long as I keep facing interesting challenges.