Age: 23

I started with C coding for Linux, later I appreciated C++ and STL. I was curious to see how things go on another side - Windows. So I learnt WinApi.

But rewriting code each time was boring so I decided to get a grasp Qt.

Qt was fine, but each new versions of Qt brought unnecessary problems.

So I thought what this nifty thing Web is.

So now I'm in Web, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Js, CSS and all other stuff seems to be not so hard after C++.

Also I'm big fan of foreign languages, as you may see I can speak English a bit.

Talking German language brings me pleasure and in August 2013 I got B2 certificate from Frei Berlin University after being there for a month and since then have been trying not to forget it keeping my connections with Germans.

For the sake of fun I started learning French, but I still have only basic knowledge of it...
But this is the splendid language!