Age: 42

Hacking Erlang at campanja.com at the moment.

Some specialities now (2012):

  • Erlang
  • Performance tuning
  • HBase
  • Digital marketing optimization
  • Scribe (from Facebook)
  • Stability patterns for software
  • Ruby
  • AWS (EC2, S3, EMR)

What I did before (some examples):

  • IBM WebSphere software stack (did 10 years of this)
  • Java
  • Decoupling middleware (IBM MQ, JMS, MSMQ)
  • Distributed transactions in RDBS and Java application servers
  • Database performance tuning (DB2, SQLServer, MySQL)
  • Network code for FPS computer games
  • Unity3d game programming
  • Performance tuning of UDP traffic on Linux
  • Operations of bank applications
  • Riak (hacking a C# client)
  • Tsung (distributed load testing)
  • Wrote text adventure games on C64 :)
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