United Kingdom

Age: 27

Delphi XE / Lazarus(Freepascal) Developer, my inability to understand and process a lot of code logic and solve tasks often leaves me in a mess and a whole load of confusion, for this reason I hope you can keep your answers as simplistic as possible

Would really like to purchase the newer versions of Delphi, either XE4 or XE5 if they ever support more cross-compiling options, that and Embarcadero really need to bring their pricing down, casual users like myself cannot afford to buy there products at such high prices all the time. Thankfully Lazarus now seems to be really stable and it is growing on me, and it is completely free, it just lacks a lot of 3rd party components.

"Don't re-invent the wheel. Usually what happens when you do that is that your wheel comes out with corners." - David Heffernan