I returned to programming at the end of 2010 to start implementing a Strategy game, that I had been conceptualising for a couple of years. This will be hex based, simultaneous movement with variable length turns. The multi-player pause function will be a more sophisticated version of the Chess clock system.

I had done a tiny amount of commercial real time embedded C back in 1989 for which I was hopelessly untrained and unqualified to do. I completed an HNC in Software Engineering in 1992, all the programming was in a DOS environment. Between then and 2010, I did no programming what so ever except building a simple web site in HTML.

I started building my app in C++, using DirectX 11 in Visual Studio. That was a steep learning curve. After a while I doubts started to arise about C++. The project went fallow. I restarted the project in May 2011 using C# and Wpf. I fell in love with object orientated programming and heavy static typing. Using Steve Jobs adopted father's philosophy that the back of the fence should look as good as the front of the fence, I tried to avoid all casts. I liked the strong run time checking of the .net platform. However fairly quickly I started to struggle with the limitations of the C# type system.

Discovered Scala in March 2012. Was converted in a few hours and decided I had to port my app over, although I'd prefer to be able to use Scala in Visual Studio with Wpf, on .NET