George Clingerman

Vancouver, WA

Age: 38

I took a short course in BASIC on Apple IIgs in High School and didn't re-visit the computer world again until my freshman year of college in 1996. A lot had changed.

I managed to catch up (some) and graduated with a Math/Computer Science degree in 2000 from Grove City College. I've been employed as a software developer ever since and continue to refine my development skills and play catch up with all the "old school" developers.

Currently, I'm a software development manager after 12 years of programming as a career. It's been a shift making the transition but it's a fun one.

At night I like to dabble with game development and play a lot with XNA. I run a site, where I create tutorials for beginning 2D game development with XNA. I've been named a Microsoft XNA MVP for six years. My favorite thing about XNA is hearing my kids yell, "Wow! Did you make that Dad?"