Costa Rica


Age: 37

Xavier Morera is a PM and .Net professional who has spent a great deal of his career working with top of the line Microsoft Technologies. In the multiple projects where he has been involved, he has acquired expertise in dealing with complex software enterprise deployment with companies that range from startups to Microsoft, where he served 3 years for DPE as an evangelist working with key Microsoft customers to introduce them to new versions of Microsoft technologies. This includes the 64 bit Windows adoption, working hand to hand with Intel and HP to delivering trainings and presentations in over 20 MTC's and other venues worldwide. He has also been involved with other Microsoft divisions which include InfoSec, SMSP, Windows Mobile and MCS.

Xavier is currently supporting at Search Technologies the development and program management team to help ensure a smooth delivery and a high level of quality in every delivery. Xavier also helps with the relationship during the production and delivery phases to ensure that communication between the development team and the customer remain as open as possible.

Specialties: Software development on Microsoft platforms, public speaking, virtualization, continuous integration, scrum master, seo specialist and more....