I've been programming in C/C++ and an assortment of other languages for over 20 years; professionally for over a decade and a half. Game engine design and architecture is my biggest passion in CS. I've been a professional game developer since 2011 with some brief contract stints in years prior. I have run my own indie studio and am currently employed at Wargaming Seattle (previously known as Gas Powered Games). My specialties lie in designing underlying frameworks to ensure faster iteration and higher quality during development, particularly the design and implementation of scripting engines and DSLs, though I am quite skilled at gameplay implementation as well. Game genres I have worked on during my career include FPS, free-to-play MMO, turn-based RPG, and RTS/god games. Before working on games professionally, I worked on text-based MUDs as a hobby. I have also spent a number of years working in the government sector and working on eCommerce solutions.

I studied at a variety of educational institutions including the University of Michigan before obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation at the DigiPen Institute of Technology at the Redmond, WA campus. I am the founder and have been a frequent speaker at the DigiPen Game Engine Architecture Club and made our videos and slides available online for anyone to peruse. I enjoy mentoring and teaching the upcoming generations of ground-breaking game developers and I enjoy contributing to StackExchange as a result.

I have familiarity of various degrees with several dozen programming languages, a great many software packages and libraries, and a wide variety of algorithms and architecture approaches. I was once a strong evangelist of the Linux Desktop and OpenGL though no longer. Of all the languages I've worked with, C++ is the one I both dislike and prefer the most. My background in CS is rather uncommonly diverse, especially for those in the game industry.

My favorite game currently is Fallout: New Vegas, though Dead Space 2, Alan Wake, Terraria, and Batman: Arkham City are all very close runners up. I like India Pale Ales and Tequila. My favorite color is red. I don't usually care about sports but the Red Wings are #1. I am cynical, sarcastic, indifferent, judgmental, egotistical, snarky, and outright mean far more often than anyone should be. The lack of proper blues, classic rock, motown, and swing are what's wrong with kids today.