Gregor McGregor

Norfolk, CT

Age: 34

Hi, I'm Gregor McGregor from Norfolk, Connecticut. People like to make fun of my name because it is kind of repetitive repetitive but that's because my parents are from Irish descent, like 10% of Americans. On the bright side it is a homonym (or homophone? but not homophobe!) of the famous General Gregor Mac Gregor, and it also gzips kinda well because of the repetition repetition. Funnily enough my name matches the regular expression (\w+)\sMc\1 which by the way is an exceptionally rare property.

A farmer by day, I enjoy the company of leeks and potatoes (by the way to you all people who grew up in the city and are ignorant, cows are very nice animals so please stop with the "eating horses is evil" rantings, cows are no less lovable than horses, I'd argue they are even more attaching).

By night, I turn on my PC to browse SO and sometimes answer some and questions.