Juan Ayala

New York, United States


Age: 35

I'm a software engineer, plain and simple. My particular strength is in C# and Java. My secondary would be JavaScript. All backend, all web. I've been known to dabble in Python and Ruby

I'm not going to put myself in a box and say I will only work on one platform, stack or language. As long as its a web platform, using the likes of .NET, Spring or NodeJS, I'm the software engineer you call.

Platforms, stacks, and languages are just tools. The key to using any of them successfully is to understand the concepts, current standards and practices that have been laid down by the larger community. Then correctly applying the tool to the job at hand.

Over the past couple of years working at a digital agency, here are a few things I've worked with:

  • Adobe Experience Manager (5.6.1, 6.0, 6.1, PhoneGap, Sling, Sightly, JSP, JCR, Java, OSGi Bundles)
  • Cloud (IBM BlueMix, Amazon Web Services, Azure)
  • Java (Gradle, Maven, Spring, Websphere, Tomcat, Jetty)
  • .NET (MVC, WCF, ASP.net, SQL)
  • JavaScript (NodeJS, Grunt, Express, Angular)
  • Python (Django, MySQL)
  • Databases (SQL, MySQL, Mongo)
  • Devops (Chef, Vagrant)
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