Sandy Good

Detroit, MI

Age: 45

If you want to contact me, send an Email to: Feel free to contact me if you need programming help. Here on the site, I concentrate on Apps Script questions. I use all the Google products. I tend to prefer Apps Script Stand Alone HTML service for solutions.

There are lots of people answering JavaScript, HTML and CSS questions, so I don't usually bother looking at those. I've used PHP, Python, jQuery angularJs, App Engine and Firebase but I don't know enough to really help much with those. I use angularJs for page navigation, but other than that, I like programming everything in plain JavaScript. So far, I haven't found a use for jQuery that I thought was superior to a plain JavaScript solution that I could create. I will always opt for the solution that's easier to understand and more basic. I just think that people sometimes create unneeded complexity for whatever reason.

I've also used Facebook's API.

I have set up large, company wide systems using MS Access. I'm very familiar will all the Microsoft products. I've used a little bit of SQL. I've structured databases, and configured queries and created custom reports and input forms. And I have a website that I designed in Google App Engine.

I've done a lot of programming in trading software, creating trading indicators.