Age: 18

Hello! My name is Andrew, some people call me Lemony and I am a programmer/designer enthusiast!

I'm still in high school, senior, but I will be going to go to college for my BSCS and then MSCS. (This is my academics goal for the future ).

Programming and I

As of right now, I am on a long journey to learning common languages. In order these are C# Javascript and PHP and I guess SQL. My best language is a scripting language known as GML or Game Maker Language. Game Makers a program that introduced me to programming concepts and software, and I love it for that.
Web based languages I am currently teaching myself are Javascript and PHP. I can currently say I know HTML, not HTML5 so to say, and regular old CSS (But there's still plenty more to learn about the two). I have a couple projects in line to get me acquainted with the web languages and have already accomplished the most basic one, a web portfolio.
General .Net is something that has really grown on me. C# was the first real programming language I can say I was ever introduced to, and I'm glad it was. I was given the foundation of my programming skills with C# during a 1 week long summer course. Without it, I don't think I'd be nearly as far as I have gotten. I never took it upon myself, until recently 7/16/14, to learn C#. And now I am learning more about this language than I ever have. I quit C# for C++ without actually making good progress and regret it. Due time, I found myself to like C# much more in the end.