New Hampshire, US

Age: 27

When the SO about page says "professional and enthusiast programmers", I'm one of the latter.

I've been programming for about 10 years. I started by playing with Visual Basic 6, took some classes, but fatefully decided to become a music producer. Java is the language I'm most familiar with, then C++. I'm also familiar with some Objective-C (and, by extension, C), JavaScript, AutoIt and regular expressions.

Lately I've been studying annotation processing (javax.lang.model) and the compiler tree API (com.sun.source).

I'd consider my skill level intermediate.

My brash advice on... to teach yourself how to program:

  1. Read the literature.
  2. Write the code. to not teach yourself how to program:

  1. Write the code.
  2. Read the literature.
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