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comment Why is 64 bit OS version packaged with both 32 and 64 bit libraries?
I'd suggest testing it first. It might also be useful to say which libraries specifically, in case someone has had experience with this. Also, which version of suse?
comment Does a USB 3.0 connection require a USB 3.0 cord?
There's a semi-official colour scheme I've noticed with sockets - USB 3's blue, USB 2.0 charging connectors (which are powered even when the PC they are off) are sometimes yellow. I'd rather look at the connectors for identification since I have blue usb 2.0/1.1 cables.
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comment Deleting defunct protected files in Windows 7
why not just move off the files you want, and reformat?
comment What part of the computer is the Mini-DisplayPort part of?
These days your 'graphics card' may be on the same die as your processor. Or you may have more than one graphics card
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comment KALI on ACER E11 / ES1
. Learn to walk before you run. Also, plug in a mouse to see there's some driver issues with the touch pad. And there's no point PXE installing a single system - might as well use a liveusb.
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comment application that uses xforwarding fails unless I use xhost +localhost
ooh. Nomachine runs as its own user. And this application runs as a third user. I will not shed tears when we replace this with the new, improved, web based replacement.
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comment Odd Synergy Configuration Assistance
What OSes? Which version of synergy? (Free, plus or pro?)
asked application that uses xforwarding fails unless I use xhost +localhost
comment need help getting rid of a virus
Combofix is a bit of a black box. What does it do? When's it appropriate to use it?
comment Why am I unable to answer a protected question?
I'd assume that as a experienced SE user... you should realise this might be a question for meta rather than the same site.
comment Effective virtualization without VT-d
That's really dependent on what you want to do. I run KVM on my lower end machines, and it works well, but I've also run virtualbox for different reasons. I'm afraid I can't answer you on what would be a perfect solution for your needs.
comment Supermicro server with 2 PSU and 24x1TB
With the information you've given us? Not really. Consider adding more details - what sort of failures? Are there any similarities between the disks. How old are they? If they're in warranty, what does supermicro say?
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answered What will you do if your site is hacked?
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