Bangalore, India

Age: 30

“When your time is good, your mistakes r taken as a joke..But when ur time is bad, even ur jokes r noticed as mistakes…that’s Life” #ಲೈಫು ಇಷ್ಟೇನೆ !

“Success Always Hugs you in Private…!” But “Failure Always slaps you in the Public…!” That’s Life…ಲೈಫು ಇಷ್ಟೇನೆ !

“It’s better to cry in rain than be angry on someone, because anger hurts others while tears flow silently through the soul & cleans the heart” #ಲೈಫು ಇಷ್ಟೇನೆ !

“Life is short. Live it, use it and deal with it wisely. There is no pause button, no rewind, no fast forward & definitely no replay. That’s Life!” #ಲೈಫು ಇಷ್ಟೇನೆ !

“No one notices your Tears, No one notices ur sadness, No one notices ur Pains, but they all notices your Mistakes. That’s Life! #ಲೈಫು ಇಷ್ಟೇನೆ !

“Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war” #Quotes

“If ‘Plan A’ Didn’t work, The alphabet has 25 more letters! Stay Cool” #Quotes

“Be a Good Person - But Don’t Try to Prove it” #Quotes

“Empty Pocket teaches you a million things in life” #Quotes

“A tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart. Be careful with your words” #Quotes

“Remember there’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you” #Quotes

“Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about bad yesterday. Let it go” #Quotes

“A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep” #Quotes

“Life is short. Break the Rules, Forgive quickly, Love Truly, Laugh uncontrollably, and Never Regret anything that made you Smile” #Quotes

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections” #Quotes

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself” • Bill Gates

“If you born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake :)” • Bill Gates

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do” • Steve Jobs

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