An avid reader, blogger, programmer who is interested about cloud and distributed computing solutions, system architectures, software design and innovative technologies varying from LAMP technologies to NLP with Python.

Presently, I'm interested and developing on cloud ecosystem and large data-sets processing using HADOOP.

My interests in programming starts firmly on .NET application development. Practical applications appeal to me more than implementation of my ideas. Being a hardcore .NET developer, I'm a FOSS enthusiast who contributes to opensource and holds a staunch belief in FOSS freedom.

Regarding my hobbies, I write fiction and inspirational writings in my blog. Also love experimenting with various Python Modules like OpenCV, SciPy, etc. and web frameworks like Django.

I have always believed in openness and will do so and expect people to participate in the same. Let's build a more open world, at least in computing. I believe in a vision and have a zeal to fuel my passion. My interest as well as field of research primarily focuses on reaching out to the mass because I want my product/research to touch people's lives.