Silicon Valley, CA

What is the right way to answer a question on Stack Overflow?

Despite my absence, I'm still interested in contributing to the community when I can. See you around!


I'm a research scientist focused on medical image processing, machine learning, dimensionality reduction, and parallel computing. At SO, is where I call home, but I'm all over the place in my perpetual quest to learn new programming skills. I ♥ accumarray.

A few tips and common MATLAB solutions:

  • Never use length. Ever. (OK, more of an imperative than a tip.)
  • MATLAB is column-major (down then across)!
  • To use bsxfun to it's full potential and with little effort, know your singleton dimensions and permute (and that bsxfun operates on multiple singleton dimensions).
  • The shared library search path in Linux comes only from LD_RUN_PATH in MATLAB, not the usual LD_LIBRARY_PATH. This comes up a lot.
  • The default C MEX configuration uses ANSI C (C89/C90), which really stinks. Enable C99.

Did I mention, never use length? Ever.

My favorite obscure and/or tricky MATLAB stuff: