New York, United States

On Day: QA @ E-Discovery stuffs
Off Day: Kind of random - I haven't settled into a specific niche of coding but dove a little into Rails (so far my favorite, not necessarily because it's better than others, but I do like ruby readability more, and there's a much heavier accent on testing than in any other language I've seen).
Day-Oh: I've worked at (and volunteered there) - I think that the best way to fix this generation problems is to make sure the next generation is much better educated than us. And we have underfunded resources that could be brilliant with the right tools. They might simply not know it yet. That's where iMentor can come in - a lot of times you only see what's in front of you, if you don't know what exists past that, it doesn't even enter your mind what it is that you can reach.

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