New York, United States


Age: 26

I'm an all-around webmaster. I get to do everything from racking hardware, to slicing mockups, to churning out code in several different languages (mainly PHP (hush, it's useful) and Javascript), to plain old project management - all in the same day.

I started several years ago when a friend asked me to create a website for him. I barely knew anything about web development but I modified a free template and he was happy with the result.

Since then, I've created dozens of websites from scratch - consulting, design, programming, hosting...I occasionally still take freelance projects, and I sell web hosting on my self-managed servers. Most of my work involved proprietary web applications, but I'm considering patching together a portfolio of what I've done.

I currently work full-time as a webmaster for an educational & literary company, which involves overseeing all aspects of over a dozen (and growing) public facing sites - I code, manage a team of developers and designers, ensure the servers are up and kicking, and more.