I picked up programming because I am fascinated with an antiquated text-RPG called a MUD. I've worked my way up from knowing nothing about MUDs over the past two years (from roleplaying, to writing for an area, to balancing an area with game mechanics, to building). I am finally making the final leap -- to learn programming from the ground up so I can become an implementor.

It is more than just the game aspect that keeps me interested in programming. I find myself enjoying the challenge of using my brain and dusting off these mathematical skills I thought I would never use after college. I see every-day applications for programs that I could potentially write, and with my background in graphic design, I feel like I could nurture a set of skills that might actually become the grounds for a career.

I have little interest in being in a classroom... Therefore, I have picked up textbooks and study aids, and I'm slowly making my way through them. I take notes, and do every exercise present after the material and I try as hard as I can to understand how everything works together. This is where most of my questions will stem from... One of the books I use tries to predict readers' questions, but it can't predict all of them.

Hopefully, as I get more skilled and more knowledgable, I will be able to contribute to questions about C. Until then... I will be asking more than I will be answering. :(

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