In my view, the best code is correct, maintainable and reliable code. The first criterion requires fully understanding of the problem and the solutions. Maintainable code is simple code with good logging message. Reliability comes with good error handling.

My coding history:

  • Have been immersed in Python since July 2014 due to the devotion to Odoo development
  • Prototyped a blog engine using GitHub as repository in JavaScript, Node.js and Non-SQL database
  • Developed several commercial .NET project and loved LINQ and Entity Framework
  • Spent some time learning Scala -- cool as a learning tool
  • Excited and sleepless when reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  • Developed distributed system application using C and C++
  • Developed business application using SQL and embedded C.

Coding is fun and rewarding. Yes, my mind is software

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