Java environment programmer mostly (JavaEE, Spring MVC/AOP/Social/etc., Hibernate, Struts2, SOAP/REST, JSF/2, RichFaces/PrimeFaces/IceFaces, ServiceMix, Groovy, Grails, Swing, JavaFX, Android SDK, etc.).

I also know Javascript full-stack (e.g. jQuery, AngularJS, Express, Node.js, Underscore/lodash, PhantomJS, Grunt, Gulp, Yeoman, Bower, etc.)

I have also experience in PHP environment (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla, Laravel, Doctrine, Symphony, Moodle, Prestashop, etc.)

And of course front end technologies (CSS/3, LESS/SASS/Stylus, RWD, Twitter Bootstrap 3/Foundation/etc., SEO, SEM, HTML/5, etc.)

Currently I'm a business owner at Teligent.