Chennai, India

Age: 26

Senior Systems Engineer @ Infosys

Almost 3+ Years of total experience.

  • Hands on work experience in programming languages like Java, Javascript, PHP.

  • Worked on UI technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, Bootstrap, Jade, EJS.

  • Familier in application development on Spring, Hibernate, NodeJS, AngularJS, Wordpress plugin.

  • Good knowledge on databases like MySql, MariaDB, Oracle 10g.

  • Used build tool Maven, GruntJS.

  • Engaged on Servers like Apache Tomcat, OC4J, Glashfish and Express

  • VCS experiences on Git and SVN.

  • Can be flexible with OS such as Linux (Ubuntu, Kubuntu), Win 8, Win XP.

------- Oracle Certified Java SE 6 Programmer, Sep 28, 2012 ---------