Bristol, United Kingdom

Age: 62

Been programming since I was 12, and hardly a day has gone by since that I haven't written some code, however awful.

First program was to solve a maze, in Algol60, in a way that turned out to be remarkably similar to how Prolog works, in terms of search and backtracking. We used to take decks of punched cards down to KCH's Computer Centre on a Friday evening to be compiled (or not!) overnight. After a few visits, you might end up with an executable, which would maybe get run the following week, if they could fit it in. Times change!

The last 25 years I spent writing s/ware used by my firm (in the Patents business) to manage our mission-critical workflow, initially in BP7, then Delphi. Retired after 5 years as senior partner at the end of 2012.

Btw, am amazed at - and humbled by - the quality of some of the contributions to SO. Otoh, it's a shame how quick off the mark some are to downvote posters whose English is not so good.