New York, United States

Project lead of projects:


  • jquip - jQuery-in-parts - A lite, modularized version of jQuery
  • Bundler - compiles & Minify Less/Sass/Css/JS/CoffeeScript files
  • HTML5 JSON Report - render any JSON in a Human readable HTML UI


  • redis_client - a fast async/non-blocking Redis client for Dart
  • Mixins - a port of Underscore.js for Dart
  • Express - a thin express-js inspired layer over Dart's HttpServer
  • json_client - a generic HTTP Client optimized for JSON web services
  • 101 Linq Samples - Port of the C# 101 LINQ Samples in idiomatic Dart
  • jaded - Port of node.js jade view engine for Dart
  • sudoku_solver - Port of Norvig's Solving Every Sudoku Puzzle in Dart
  • raytracer - Port of TypeScript's Ray Tracer to Dart