New York, United States

Age: 43

I started programming at age 11, on a TI-99/4A - copying game code out of a magazine and saving to tape. My first professional job had me maintaining a FoxPro laboratory management application, before Microsoft even purchased FoxPro! I've owned my own small web/software development company for about 12 years, before becoming an application development manager at a local company in Upstate New York.

Since starting web development back in 1993, my primary development languages and platforms have been HTML, perl and cgi, ASP, ASP.NET and currently MVC. I actually led the redevelopment of our company's e-commerce site onto MVC 1 almost immediately after it RTM'd and could not be more content with it (nor can our lead UI developer, who's been loving jQuery with MVC). We're now preparing to rewrite the website to integrate it with our new ERP platform and will be upgrading to MVC 3!

Outside of work-related passions, I love to travel, use the latest gadgets and technologies, listen to music, and socialize!