Software Engineer since '79

First language: Algol 60. Then FORTRAN, 6502 Assembly, various languages supported at college, Pascal, C, C++, x86 assembly, JavaScript, Java, MIPS Assembly, ARM Assembly, C#, Scheme, Lisp, a bit of Haskell, Perl, bash, Python.

Industry: Gambling machines, Arcade games, various desktop publishing products, games for Windows and DOS. VxWorks, PowerTV, Linux.

Technologies+APIs: Small embedded systems, slightly larger ones, PCs with DOS or Windows, early Macintosh, Windows multimedia including DirectX, DirectShow, Direct X Script Host, IP network stack, L2TP, PPP, UPnP, DLNA, Linux device drivers, buildroot, Linux boot firmware, MySQL, ODBC (ADO), CGI(-bin), CGI (raytracing), WebKit, HTML parsing and rendering, various GUI toolkits including MFC, XCB, TrueType (including interpreting hints) PostScript (including an interpreter), compilers and interpreters for various languages, a parser generator just to build a CSS parser. Graph-reducing lazy functional language implementation (SASL-ish, my first 700 toy functional languages).

Recently, porting WebKit to slightly-too-old embedded system compilers, writing UI's to run on said WebKit using Angular.