Sarasota, FL

Age: 34

When visiting I'm usually at Stackoverflow and occasionally Super User. Waiting on a response? I'm pretty good at responding quickly unless I have lost consciousness.

I code XHTML as application/xhtml+xml and CSS 1/2~2.1/3 (padding property used very sparingly), DOM based JavaScript (no document.write, no innerHTML, no frameworks and no script elements in the body EVER), object oriented PHP and normalized relational MySQL with the intent to migrate to PostgreSQL. In other words I code to very high standards because it allows me to do things others simply can't. Its not about being right, its about giving my clients what they need and want and doing it right the first time may seem to take a long time but try doing it badly the first time and then starting from scratch again.

If you're getting poor answers such as jQuery replies when you want to use real JavaScript send me a link and if your question is bare bones I will try to help you.

Disclaimer: many of my questions are edited by prissy users who care about enforcing their reputation instead of helping people with questions gain answers. People with a lot of reputation who mass-answer low quality questions have more power than people answering few high quality questions so if you see a question/answer of mine edited by someone else and it does not make sense then look at the revisions to see my original post.