I know Qbasic. I have used Access 2000 and Access 2007, and I currently use Access 2010 to program databases. I've become quite familiar with VBA in the process, and I have used it in several applications utilizing Outlook, Word, and Excel.

I have used VB 6 on a couple of occasions, and I have successfully created a website using VB.NET with an Access 2000 database backend.

I like websites to follow the W3C standards. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, and XHTML. I've gained greater understanding of HTML5.

I have been becoming more familiar with Python and Django and that opened the door for me to learn many more web technologies. For instance, I've learned about the less compiler for CSS.

As a system administrator, I've been learning PowerShell, Exchange 2013, and Windows Server 2012.

In short, I know a lot of stuff, but I wouldn't consider myself an expert in much of it. Still, I remember the days of Qbasic, and those were quite fun!