Benny Thomas

Flekkefjord, Norway

Age: 48

I'm on the path of constantly learning.

I have used many variants of programming languages. My major was in algorithms at the college I attended.

I'm currently using JavaScript (node.js and client-side: jQuery, backbone.js, Angular.JS and Bootstrap) and ASP.NET. I have done some python since 2013.

In my earlier years I was into C++. I was sidetracked from that path 12 years ago. This because I was hired for a long lasting project. In that project they only was using VB.NET/ASP.NET/MSMQ. I was able to sneak in some C++ in that project, but when I left the project I had to rewrite that part of the solution to C#.

Now seems that I can't get back on that path again. There are not many projects I know about that are using C++ nowadays. It seems that C++ is almost forgotten. For my part it might be the best as I think I almost have forgotten the most of the language.

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