Jakub Míšek

Prague, Czech Republic


Age: 30

Jakub graduated Software Engineering at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He was also a PhD candidate for one year, where he was presenting several original academic papers in Japan, China, Morroco etc. His academic work involved data semantization, compilers, integration and automatized processing of web data and utilizing of development processes in dynamic languages. This also resulted in web data integration framework called LinqToWeb that utilizes reading of web data in object oriented strongly typed way.

During the study, Jakub worked on and improved open-source project Phalanger - the PHP compiler for the .NET Framework. He also played with, designed and implemented realistic three-dimensional online version of popular snake game called SnakeWorld. Here you can see a demonstration of DirectX 10 techniques, like responsive realistic grass or simple usage of geometry shaders for shadows and snakes body.