Pasadena, CA

I am a new kiwi at Fog Creek Software, working as a software developer on the FogBugz team. I began my professional journey as a developer trainer at NeXT Computer where I taught NeXT's Developer Camp and co-founded their Mentorship Program. After finding out what life is like under a bad manager, my friends and I left NeXT to start a training and consulting company called Paradigm Research (PRI) which we ultimately sold to a soon to be defunct Internet consulting company. That was the beginning of the Internet bust, and to be honest, we got out just in time. While working at PRI, I wrote eight books, if you count second editions, on topics ranging from Perl to Enterprise Java.

After leaving PRI, I began working at TIBCO Software, where I lead the development of the Designer platform. Designer is a graphical interface that unified the TIBCO product suites. While at TIBCO I lead development of the user interface for Business Works, their unique and very powerful visual programming environment for business analysts. I was a member of TIBCO's Horizontal Architecture Committee for many years and pushed the company toward a number of new technologies.

Along the way, I earned a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering with a dissertation entitled "Multi-Grid Genetic Algorithms For Optimal Radiation Shield Design". My dissertation introduced a novel form of genetic algorithms and applied them to shield design. I also earned a third degree black belt in Jang Mu Won Hapkido, a challenge and sometimes painful experience. Although it would be hard to say which was more challenging, or painful.

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