Grzegorz Szpetkowski

Kraków, Poland

I am student of Cracow University of Technology, with bachelor’s degree. My thesis was about searching for large prime numbers by Fermat and Miller-Rabin tests utilizing NVIDIA CUDA and GNU MP.

My future thesis is most likely to be about prime factorization by Quadratic Sieve and couple of variants of Number Field Sieve. My main reference is still the same Prime Numbers - A Computational Perspective by Richard Crandall and Carl Pomerance. It's quite involving reading from both mathematical and computational perspective.

In the not-so-far past I worked at Hurra-Communications in Cracow as software tester and Perl programmer. It was especially enjoyable time as well as valuable experience.

Nowadays I am interested in C language, assembly, compilers design, low-level tweaking (optimization) and parallel GPU computing (CUDA, OpenCL). Here you might find some useful resources from that area of expertise:

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