United States

Age: 16

Hi there it's Sammy. I am currently in high school and I'm 15 years old. I want to become a prodigious programmer and have a successful company. Also, I'm in a company, we're called Sir Studios. We didn't really start yet but will soon. My religion is Islam, so yes I am a Muslim and my ethnicity is Circassian. If you don't know what a Circassian (we are also called 'Adiga') is then search it up. My main interests are programming, gaming, playing sports, hanging out with friends, music and having deep conversations. As well as being a programmer and having a successful business, I'd also like to add or change something in the world which will have a positive effect on the world. One last thing is I'd like to enhance my personality to make me an extraordinarily interesting person, or an alpha male you can say. A few of my role models are Bruce Lee and my two Uncles. They both give me so much information, especially my uncles. Bruce Lee inspired me to learn how to use the nunchucks, and now I know how to use them well! My uncles inspire me to become an interesting person and not for them, for myself. Let's see how the future unfolds itself.