Zephan Schroeder

Seattle, WA

Age: 45

I love answers and tools that help provide answers.

15+ years at Microsoft doing SDET (test automation), STE (manual testing), logo compliance Program Management, Technical Editor, and Product support. Currently at Philips doing SDET and DevOps/SCM work including all TFS Administration (and customizations) for team of 25+, Build Automation, Deployment Automation, and Branch planning.

In my spare time I spend time with my family, read about sustainability and technology, fix up my house, build & maintain our family swimming pool, play soccer, and whatever else I can do to stay active. I've recently started fiddling with my iPod Touch4 (which is both odd and fun given my Microsoft-centric past).

I frequently lurk in stackoverflow.com, serverfault.com, social.msdn.com, and selected codeplex project discussions. When time permits I'll add my thoughts on a topic, but more often I'm seeking the wisdom of others (and find it before I need to post thanks to everyone else!)

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