Adam Wilson

Seattle, WA

Age: 29

I work at Microsoft on the Office 365 Analytics team to pay the bills but I have been programming since I was 12 and frequently find myself working on small projects in my spare time to keep my skills sharp. I am currently heavily involved with the D Programming Langauge.

My skill set is primarily drawn from the Microsoft ecosystem. I've been using both C# and WPF since their respective first Beta's in 2000 and 2005. I am also deeply (and regrettably) familiar with VB.NET. I taught myself C++ when I was 14 in the faint hope that I might someday write video games.

When I am not staring at code, you can probably find me at my local airport watching airplanes. I maintain a Commercial Pilots license for both single and multi-engine aircraft as well as an Instrument rating so I can fly in the notoriously cloudy weather of my home state.

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