Los Angeles, CA


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Current Projects

Educational iOS apps for kids:

Utility iOS apps for Engineers (in progress)

Also formulating some ideas for a tech summer-camp for teens in the Los Angeles area.

Summary of Experience

Software Development

Assembler, Forth, C, C++, Lisp, APL, VB, VBA, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3. Learning Python. Puzzled about Go.

Electronics Design

Embedded, RTOS, real-time mission-critical, robotics, automation, real-time image processing, FPGA, Verilog, Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, multi-GHz-multi-clock-domain high-speed design, Impedance controlled designs.

Mechanical Design

Solidworks, AutoCAD, Plastics, Sheet Metal, Machining, CNC, DFM, FEA, Thermal, Structural, Airflow, optics.

Electronics Manufacturing

PCB design and layout, Pick-and-Place, SMT, DFM, Optical Inspection, Test fixture design, Manufacturing Engineering


Three self-funded tech startups covering areas in robotics, real-time image processing in hardware+software (FPGA, embedded and DSP) and software.


Camping, Fishing, Kayaking, Sailing, Flying RC Planes and Helicopters, Making lots of noise with my kids.

Feel free to contact me privately about any of the above