Robert Kozak

Los Angeles, CA

Age: 49

Robert Kozak has worked in the computer industry for about 30 years. His first actual paying job was redoing an inventory control program written in BASIC on a TRS-80 in 1985.

Robert worked as a junior mainframe programmer using COBOL and was the first person in Canada to get a copy of Delphi 1 thru an Early Awareness program. He worked for consulting firms, was a co-founder of TaDDA! the Toronto Area Delphi Developers Association, and was the technical editor on a number of books.

While working at Borland as an R&D engineer he was involved with CBuilder 5, Delphi 5&6, and Kylix.

After leaving Borland, Robert joined Nowcom Corporation in Los Angeles as a Senior Software Architect in 2002. He is currently still there as Vice President of Developer Operations and Quality Assurance.

Robert's area's of expertise include C#, Visual Studio, OOD, Framework design, iOS App development, Release Management, User Interface design along with many other technologies.

Robert currently lives in Los Angeles and Manila.