Age: 34

  • raised by

    • old library books containing C64 listings,

    • the demoscene,

    • Cistron Internet Services (this was the best ISP in NL, most amazing talent there and so much innovation).

    • my dad who explained me mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and various other shit.

  • theoretical background in compute science and some physics and mathematics.

    • computer science Machine learning (some particulars: spiking neural networks, hopfield networks & bolzman machines, liquid state machines), robotics, agent theory, logic programming, sensor fusion, basic probability theory, information retrieval, database theory , distributed software, (persistent) data-structures, computer and network architecture

    • mathematics obivously lineary algebra and basic group theory, Galois theory and category theory, algebraic methods (algebraic topology, algebraic geometry), basic analysis (real/complex/functional), information theory, computational complexity theory

    • logic: model theory, programming language semantics, type theory, linear logics; process algebra

  • 20+ years experience writing software across the board

    • low-level: C64 "asm", x86 assembler, using Gas, TASM, later NASM, on AMD 386 DX-40 CPU. Atmel 8-bit MCU. FPGA programming using Verilog.

    • obsolete: pascal, qbasic, quickbasic, visualbasic (teh lolz)

    • imperative(-ish): C, some Obj/C, C++ (understand and use templates), Java (also JVM expert), basic C#, Javascript, Python, shell/bash. (Also, but don't make me write this again, Perl, PHP)

    • functional: obviously Haskell, ClojureScript, Purescript, Elm, read F#/OCaml,

    • dependently typed programming / proving: Coq, Agda, Idris

    • logic programming: DPLL algorithm, unification, Prolog, oh, and I ported SWI-prolog to run on a Sony Aibo robot dog

    • specialized languages: Matlab, Mathematica, LaTeX, LP-solvers

    • quantum computer programming: Quipper

    • super computer programming: MPI / BSP using C

    • probabilistic programming: ok, didn't try this, yet

    • graphics: Unity, Blender, image processing using convolutions etc.

  • artistic experiences:

    • classical animation, on cell, glass, paint, puppet, clay (btw, it sucks, so much harder than you might think)

    • various generative vector graphics using pen plotters

    • electronic music production: mod-edit, screamtracker 3, impulse tracker, protracker, schismtracker, fast tracker 2, Logic Audio (now owned by Apple), MOTU digital performer (=awesome),

    • various 3D modelling software: lightwave, max, povray, my own raytracer, shapesynth, maya, blender

    • various 2D graphics software: photoshop, gimp, grafx2, inkscape, illustrator, quark

    • real time image rendering: various custom software (VJ-software)

+more stuff stuff stuff (TODO)