Age: 30

Kyle A. Matheny | [@Phaygo][1]

IT Specialist in Web Technologies

I began programming at 10yrs old with AppleScript. Fun.

I am an IT Specialist in web technologies [for a very large corp.] and have 16 years experience in most web-oriented environments. I began (many years ago) server-side scripting in Perl (CGI.)

        "Primary Skillset": [
            "HTML":[4, 5],
            "CSS":[2.1, 3],
            "PHP":[4, 5], 
            "Python:["2.x", "3.x"], 
            "MySQL":[4, 5]
        "Secondary Skillset": [
            "NodeJS":[0.6, 0.11],
        "Work Environment": {
            "Preference": "Linux",
            "At Gun Point": "Windows"
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