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I don't answer many questions these days. Stack Overflow is supposed to be a repository of interesting questions about computer programs, not a helpdesk or a place where we debug your code for you. Unfortunately, 99.5%1 of new questions are now just totally localised "fix my code plz" rubbish that will never be useful for anyone else at any later date, so there's nothing left to do here.

To all those encouraging this behaviour by dumping your awful code solutions on these people, I hope you're happy, and I hope you enjoy accruing your rep by contributing to the complete devastation of our profession.

1 I made that number up.

Upvotes are not for "correcting" downvotes. It is not your job to take away somebody else's right to vote. Only upvote if you thought that it was a great question/answer, not because you disagreed with somebody else's downvote.


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