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Age: 17

Just a Christian C# dev, with interests in: photography, open source projects & writing tech articles.

Meh codez log...

  • 01-09-2012 Hmm, I found a "programming language(?)" calledSmall Basic; eh, it's by Microsoft. Well I've got nothing to lose, I may as well try it.

  • 1-10-2012 Cool, I made my own encrypting thingy! Huh, Wikipedia says it's called "encoding", weird.

  • 16-10-2012 sighI've learnt pretty much everything there is to know about Small Basic, you know: loops, arrays, variables, etc.. I wish there was a language with more things to play with. Oh hey, there's one called VB.Net...

  • 01-03-2013 Heh, VB.Net's cool and all, but...I NEEDZ MOAR PAWER!... Awesome! C# looks great!

In my free time I like to write free open source programs/libraries. (E.g., Phamhilator, a low quality/spam post detector for the SE network.)

Stuff that you'll generally find me doing on SO (Stack Overflow),

  • Answering posts that deal with C# and/or anything to do with audio (you can probably tell I'm a fan of C#),
  • Editing salvageable posts,
  • Flagging/closing non-salvageable posts,
  • "Patrolling" the & tags,
  • Helping to burn down the CV & LQP queue.

I also like nature, music and I enjoy doing audio DSP, in C# (of course).