Scott Arciszewski

Orlando, FL

Age: 26

My name is Scott and I am the Chief Development Officer for Paragon Initiative Enterprises. We are technology consultants based in Orlando, FL that specialize in application security and web development. We frequently work in the PHP cryptography realm, where few dare tread.

A sample of our open source security projects that are worth checking out include:

We also publish blog posts about web development, application security, and other related topics. Our four most popular blog posts to date:

My short-term goal on Stack Exchange was to clean up the bad security advice in old, popular questions. Mission accomplished.

My long-term goal on Stack Exchange is to help at least one other person begin their journey to becoming an expert. Mission possibly accomplished already?

My unrealistic goal is to be the first user with a gold badge in both Security and Encryption tags. (It's unrealistic simply because, odds are, others will beat me to it.)

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