Sydney, Australia

Age: 31

My name is Cian Moynihan. I am a Technical Lead (Software Architect) for Tigerspike. I’ve been working out of the Sydney office for the past 4 years, using the Microsoft Stack to deliver quality software to meet and hopefully exceed our client’s expectations. I’m passionate about building quality software for our customers. Before working for Tigerspike I worked for Titian in London as a Software Engineer. At Titian I worked as part of a team to develop their sample management software – Mosaic. Prior to that I obtained a bachelors degree in Computer Science at UCC in Cork Ireland my home town. I did my degree over 5 years taking a year out to work as a Test Engineer on the Java QE team in Sun Microsystems now owned by Oracle.

I’m a self confessed geek, growing up my favorite subjects (aside from football and climbing trees) were Maths and Science. I’ve been writing code in one form or another for 12 years. It all started when I was 16 and my dad bought me an MP3 player. I wrote a program in Java to categorise and organise the tracks based on their ID3 tags, since then I’ve been hooked thought I’ve swapped Java for C# and all things .Net.

What else?

I’m a risk taker, a gadget fiend, a father of a 2 year old boy – Jacob, a Fiance to my girlfriend of 10 years – Ciara (getting married in Italy in July 2012). I love photography, sports (Liverpool and Munster), food, wine, beer and travel not necessarily in that order. I will talk to anybody about about computing or Jacob my other passions until their eyes glaze over and the room is depleted of oxygen.

In a nutshell that’s me.