Hack Saw

United States


Age: 49

Trying hard to be no longer a sys-admin.

iPhone development is my current study.

Mini Resume: I've worked with computers for 33 years, doing some coding and a lot of systems administration.

OSes: TRS-80, TRS-DOS, Atari, ZX81, Mac OS 4-10, Various Unixes, BSDs, and Linuxes.

Coded in: BASIC, Fortran, Assembler (Z-80), Pascal, C, Forth, LISP, Postscript, C++, Objective-C, Python, Perl, various shells, Ruby.

I also write music, fiction, non-fiction, and the odd poem. I'm known to design things, largely in Adobe Illustrator.

I'm familiar with Agile:Scrum, and CMM.